• Photo of Emann Al-zahab
    Emann Al-zahab
    Registered Psychologist
    - Anxiety and Panic attacks
    - Depression
    - Work related issues and burnout
    - Drug and Alcohol related issues
    - Relationship and family issues
    - Trauma
    - Suicide ideation and risk
    - Adjustment issues
    - Stress
    - Wellbeing

    Emann Al-zahab is a registered psychologist (Clinical Psychology Registrar, AHPRA), with a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. She has also completed a Bachelor of science, a Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science, and a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours). Her current work has a special focus in anxiety and depression issues, work related stress and relationship difficulties.

    Across her professional psychological practice, she has worked with Employers Assistance Programs (EAP), private practice, in forensic settings (government) and mental health hospital settings, across a range of issues, including depression, anxiety disorders, drug and alcohol-related issues, relationship issues, work related stress and trauma.

    Emann works with adult clients, and her areas of interest include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a therapeutic modality with clients, values-based work, and the field of positive psychology with a specific interest in character and virtue development. She is trained in a range of evidence-based interventions including CBT, mindfulness, schema therapy and group therapy. Her previous work has also focused on delivering psychoeducation groups and webinars that focus on developing wellbeing and the prevention of mental health issues.

    She is particularly interested in psychology research on positive human development and transformation. Emann is currently pursuing a PhD in Al-Ghazali religious philosophy to model virtues towards a positive psychology manual for human flourishing, character development and human transformation. With her background in human development, Emann is passionate about helping clients live meaningfully and purposefully.

    Through her professional practice she believes in building a strong therapeutic alliance to help individuals attain their goals and fulfil their potential. Emann is excited to be part of a boutique private practice team at Ethos Psychology where she can contribute positively to the broader community. In her spare time Emann enjoys aerobic fitness workouts, cross-country running, swimming, sand dune running and travelling.