About Growth Psychology Consulting

Our team offers a wealth of experience in psychological counselling and include male and female psychologists who are able to discuss the issues that you are facing.

We also liaise with support coordinators, solicitors, school psychologists, insurance companies, rehabilitation providers, doctors, psychiatrists and other health professionals to provide overall care for our clients.

Our practice has been established in the South Western Sydney area since 2010 and is rapidly growing.

To get in touch with your local psychologist, call us now on 02 9600 6619 or email info@growthpsychologyconsulting.com.au. Book Now

Our Approach when you call us for Psychological Counselling

When contacting our client relationship team, you will be asked a few brief questions to assist us in better understanding your current situation. This will help us to match you with the most suitable psychologist for your counselling needs. Upon arrival at one of our consultation rooms, you will be asked to fill out a client form which includes your details, which is held in strict confidence.

During your initial consultation there will be an opportunity to talk about where you are at and how you got there and what your expectations are for therapy. By the end of the session you can expect to have some goals to work towards that both you and your psychologist have explored.

Our approach to therapy and treatment is holistic and specific for each client.

Our Core Beliefs and Values

We exist to provide a comfortable environment which promotes a safe, confidential space that enables our clients to process their thoughts in a manner conducive to growth and change.

Our purpose is to provide continued momentum in the evolvement be it with the individual or of a business.

Our approach is to enable our clients to work towards a mindful way of processing thoughts and challenges that will achieve a shift in perspective and an improved outcome.