Have you been thinking about reaching out to a psychologist ?

Call our Client Relationship Administration Team today to connect with a suitable psychologist to support your mental health needs. We are here to guide you towards the right professional assistance.  Our psychologists are  AHPRA registered.

How Psychologists Can Help

Psychological Counselling for Adults and Children, NDIS, Doctors Referrals, Health Fund Rebates, Relationship counselling, Psychometric and Academic Testing,  NDIS Review Reports, Workover SIRA approved, Pain management, Psychological and Physical injuries, Motor vehicle claims, Court Reports, Immigration Reports, Employment Assistance Program Counselling for your Workplace, Psychological support for Business Owners and managers. Book Now 


Here to guide you one step at a time...

We believe everyone can experience life challenges needs guidance and support to overcome them.
Seeking confidential help from a certified expert is the best way to help put things into perspective. As committed, professional Psychologists, your growth and wellness are our number one priority and we aim to guide you through your life’s challenges with the attention and care you deserve.

What to expect at your first visit:

Perhaps you are anxious about picking up the phone to book an appointment, this is the most difficult part, but you've made the first step and gone through the contemplation stage already in your journey to psychological wellbeing just by reading this.  Our psychologists are highly skilled to assist each person through their unique challenges, each psychologist has their areas of expertise to assist clients in helping them grow towards their personal goals, no matter how big or small. When you arrive at our consultation rooms, you can expect a warm welcome in a calm environment. You will be asked for intake details which we will treat in the utmost confidence.

Adult Psychologist



Children & Adolescents

marriage counselling

Marriage Counselling

wc CTP

Workcover & CTP Claims

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Psychometric / Intelligence Testing


Business Services / EAP



Get a Relationship Check Up

Have you ever wandered what strengths and areas to work on are in your relationship? Read more about our check up.

Ninwe Esho Provisional Psychologist

Ninwe Esho

Provisional Psychologist

Urwa Asghar Rigestered Psychologist

Urwa Asghar

Registered Psychologist

Sahar Phsycologist

Sahar Fatima

Registered Psychologist

Emann Al zahab registered psychologist

Emann Al-zahab

Registered Psychologist

Isabella BW 2MB

Isabella Van Gelder

Provisional Psychologist

Jessica Katsamatsas

Jessica Katsamatsas

Provisional Psychologist

George BW 2MB

George Wang

Registered Psychologist

Joel Volker Bio Pic 31.8.22

Joel Volker

Registered Psychologist

Pratheepa Ramkumar Psychologist

Pratheepa Ramkumar

Registered Psychologist

profile photo coming soon v2

Lisa Taher

Registered Psychologist

Krish BW 2MB

Krish Kumar

Provisional Psychologist

Josephine BW 2MB

Josephine Gale

Registered Psychologist

Bismal Baktoo Psychologist v2

Bismal Baktoo

Registered Psychologist