Men tend to focus on the physical rather than the emotional symptoms of depression, and often talk about feeling angry/irritable instead of what may be underlying.

Some men are reluctant to talk about feeling depressed due to the following reasons:

  • They may believe that being depressed is a sign of weakness
  • They may believe men are able to control their emotions
  • They may believe they should be able to fix the problem
  • They may believe they should be able to snap out of it
  • They may believe that men shouldn’t ask for help

Some symptoms of depression that may be experienced are loss of libido, appetite loss, insomnia, concentration difficulties, not wanting to socialise with family and friends, feeling helpless, substance usage or increase, and feeling fatigued.

Usually help for depression is not sought until it is severe. In many cases, treatment is never sought. Prolonged depression may lead to your relationships with your family, friends and relationships at work being affected.

Awareness of depression in men has been raised, which has encouraged more men to seek help. We can provide you with resources for you to take home and read to better understand what you may be experiencing. You may find that what you are experiencing is normal considering your personal and work circumstances. If you would like to talk, please call. It’s okay and good to communicate these feelings.