Retrenchment Counselling for Your workplace

Adjusting to retrenchment can be a difficult process. Often there is the feeling of helplessness and grief. There may also be present the uncertainty about your future and financial loss. It is normal to be experiencing depression during this time.

Some common symptoms that may be experienced are loss of appetite, insomnia, sadness, withdrawal from social activities and friends, concentration difficulties and loss of libido.

There are many individuals who have worked in the one role for years. For these individuals who have had the same routine and duties for many years, they may find the change stressful and difficult. Some people have known their role to be the sole provider.

Without the role of being the primary provider, self-esteem can decrease. You may be asking yourself; who am I? What role do I fit in now? What will I do now? Grief experienced during this time is normal. Getting help through this process is a natural and beneficial step to accepting and working onwards from your situation. We offer you the opportunity to talk about what you may be experiencing and to provide you with techniques to manage and adjust. Let Growth Psychology Consulting help you today. Call 02 9600 6619 – take the first step to managing and adjusting.