WorkCover and CTP

Our psychologists are registered with the State Insurance Regulation Authority (SIRA). This allows Growth Psychology Consulting to provide psychology sessions under WorkCover and CTP. Our psychologist understand workplace incidents and motor vehicle accidents are an undesirable event. By understanding this, they endeavour to make your psychological recovery a rewarding and easy process. Sessions are aimed to address specific goals. These goals are formulated in the session with the client. This enables to client to be involved and motivated towards their full recovery and adjustments to new circumstances.

WorkCover/CTP psychology sessions are aimed to address presenting psychological symptoms as a result of the incident. Our psychologist will conduct an initial session to gather information. This information will be utilised to provide your insurer with an Allied Health Recovery Request (AHRR). The AHRR is a plan for psychological treatment under evidence-based therapy. These plans are specific to the client and the psychological presenting issues at the time of the initial consultation. Plans will be adjusted and goals amended depending on progress through sessions.

Recovery after an incident can be a lengthy and frustrating time. Our psychologists are able to provide reports for CTP Claims and Work cover reports following a request from your solicitor. Your solicitor will write to us and request what is required. We understand that it’s difficult enough going through the physical and/or psychological pain, let alone trying to deal with anything else. As such, we will always try to provide the reports and support you need as sufficiently as possible. We can also provide reports for your court case for immigration matters, criminal cases such as offences, aiding & abetting, assault and driving charges.