Marriage Counselling

Do you think counselling for your marriage will help you. Most couples will face challenging times at some point in their relationship. Frequent arguments, different values and beliefs, and difficulty communicating may be affecting your relationship.

Addressing these issues when they occur will allow you and your partner the best possible chance at reconciliation and resolution. Addressing issues earlier on can prevent the problems to get to a point where so much damage has been done that it’s beyond repairable.

These are some feelings, circumstances, and events that may indicate that you are in an unhealthy relationship or life partnership:

  • You and/or your partner are feeling unhappy
  • Arguments occur frequently and they do not end in resolution
  • You are not listening to your partners needs and concerns
  • Less time is spent with both of you together
  • There are no feelings of love expressed or felt between the two of you
  • You have thoughts of engaging in an extramarital affair
  • There is contempt and criticism expressed
  • Intimacy is less frequent

A sign that your marriage or relationship won’t work is when one or both of you is unwilling to take any ownership or responsibility for your role in the relationship difficulties.

Communication regarding any marital issues works best when marriage and relationship counselling is sought out as early as possible. There is a significantly greater chance of resolution if early intervention takes place. Conflict is normal, it’s how it’s handled that makes the difference. When arguing, it is important to stick to the topic at hand and not bring up past hurts in an argument.

Marriage counselling is a service that can assist in understanding your contribution to the current status of your relationship. The psychologist you work with will begin by opening a discussion regarding your current feelings for each other, what bought you two together, your issues, your goals for therapy and the steps you are prepared to take to mend your relationship. You will learn how your partner is feeling. It’s surprising how many couples were not aware of how the other person may be feeling or what they were thinking.

Our team will guide you and provide you with strategies regarding overcoming issues with communication, rebuilding trust, and moving forward with your relationship if that’s your goal. Your relationship psychologist will not tell you what to do but will guide you to make the best possible decision and provide you with the tools and strategies required for your relationship.

In cases where a relationship is beyond repair, a psychologist from Growth Psychology Consulting is able to help couples reach agreement in terms of sharing parental responsibilities, determining how finances should be divided, and other marital matters. Your psychologist will support and guide you with whatever path you choose.

At Growth Psychology Consulting Liverpool, marriage and relationship counselling sessions are conducted within a cognitive behavioural framework, an acceptance and commitment therapy framework, and is based on Gottman’s research. We understand due to work or family commitments it is sometimes difficult to take to attend appointments weekdays. Evenings and Saturday appointments are available for your convenience. Call 02 9600 6619

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