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National Disability Insurance Scheme

Our psychology practice is proudly an NDIS provider. The psychologists at Growth Psychology Consulting endeavour to provide high services to NDIS clients. Our practice accepts all clients across a range of ages and disabilities. Clients attending through NDIS can expect sessions to include evidence-based psychological intervention and treatment. Being a person with a disability exposes an individual to many more challenges. Growth psychology consulting is motivated to help people with disabilities to succeed through these challenges. We understand challenges are unique to each individual. We provide unique support depending on your challenges
and needs.

NDIS sessions may vary from treatment planning, acceptance around a disability or difficult life circumstances, mood and/or behavioural issues. These sessions will be planned accordingly to the client’s direct needs at the time. Our psychologist respect
NDIS client’s ability to work towards better choice and to have control over their funding. This is achieved by NDIS clients being able to choose how often they want sessions. As the sessions are provided through NDIS the client can expect no out of pocket cost in helping them achieve their goals.

The psychologists at Growth Psychology Consulting will provide NDIS clients with the support they need. This is achieved by building skills, teaching techniques and strategies in session. The aim of sessions is to work towards personal and therapeutic
goals. Personal goals may include independency, problem-solving, self-awareness, self-esteem, assertiveness, and any other relevant goals. Therapeutic goals may include addressing anxiety, depression, conflict resolution, mood regulation, behavioural issues, and anger management. Development of goals for sessions will be defined and tailored to each client. Our psychologist will work with you to understand the most important goals.

Growth Psychology Consulting has existing NDIS clients with needs being met through psychology sessions. We pride ourselves on our ability to help support NDIS clients in these needs. Intervention and treatment is aimed at reducing the impact your disability or other relevant psychological issues have on your day to day functioning. NDIS clients will develop existing and new abilities in managing issues that may be the cause of stress due to a disability.

We conduct testing for children and adults to identify learning difficulties, global delays, dyslexia. We can provide reports and recommendations to assist with learning. Some of tests we provide but not limited to are WYATT 3, WISC 5, WAISS 4.

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