Sometimes partners do not recognise the warning signs that their relationship is in trouble, or they may ignore these signs in hope that things will improve.

The person initiating the separation will usually experience distress prior to ending the relationship. Some warning signs are lack of communication, frequent arguments and spending less time together.

Unresolved conflict may lead to resentment, ignoring the problem/s as if nothing is wrong, blaming your partner for what is happening, hoping the problem/s go away, and/or expecting your partner to do something about it. Problems don’t usually go away on their own if they’re not talked about. It is often during this time that someone makes the decision to leave.

Separation and divorce are one of the most difficult experiences people may go through. Feelings such as shock, frustration, feeling powerless, denial, shame, anger, depression, hurt, relief, and isolation may occur.

Separation can lead to emotional and physical wellbeing being affected, which may include a loss of appetite, restlessness, loss of concentration, and social withdraw. These responses are normal and over time will decrease. At times these feelings last longer and may begin to affect your functioning at work, your sleep and relationships with others.

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