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With extensive experience starting up a number of her own successful businesses, Josephine provides consulting services for people looking to take the exciting step of getting their own psychology business off the ground.  With expertise and proven startup management processes, Josephine will help to guide you through the potential minefield and assist you to safely and successfully launch your own business venture. We can assist you with mentoring, setting up, systems, client forms, manuals and policies, contracts, induction lists. For further information contact Growth psychology consulting and ask to speak to Josephine. We also assist with small businesses such as tradies with mentoring, setting up, websites, contracts, documents that they may require in their start-up.

If you are a business manager or owner we can assist you with mentoring in a coaching capacity, managing work place issues, eap counselling for your staff, onsite counselling, and workshops for you organisation.

Our Service Packages

Package 1 – EAP Services

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a psychological service provided by employers to their staff to support their emotional and psychological wellbeing both in the workplace and in their personal lives. An EAP can assist workplaces adopt a culture of care and can help improve performance and attendance.

When your employees book with us, they can expect an appointment that same week but often within 48 hours.


Package 2 – Critical Incident Response Services 

The right response to any critical incident greatly affects long term wellbeing. We can offer onsite psychological assistance to your employees when they need it most.

We can provide same day or next day onsite workplace support for the length of time your organization requires.

Growth Psychology Consulting has the experience and expertise to respond to and provide support for affected staff following a wide range of incidents including, but not limited to:

Workplace injury, death or suicide   | Redundancies  | Serious illness or diagnosis of a colleague  | Conflict in the workplace 


Package 3 – Mentoring Services

Our mentoring services offers support in a coaching capacity (not therapy) provided by a registered Psychologist, in particular for business owners and managers.

Topics covered during the 90-minute sessions can include general goal setting discussions, workplace issues, prompting for a lead to action and accountability.

Sessions can be face to face, over the phone or via Skype / video conference.


Package 4 – Business Services

We cater to new business startups who require assistance adding that professional image to their organisation. Some of the services we render include:

Logo development and design  | Professional email signature set up with your logo | Business document pro forma set up  | Development of Policies and Procedures Manuals  | Quality Control and Awareness | Procedures and Systems Analysis  | …and more


Package 5 – Lunchbox Presentations

Lunchbox presentations are group sessions conducted in your workplace for your staff and can cover any number of topics. 

Our presentations are tailored to your requirements and are filled with engaging and discussion based content to ensure your participants get the most out of their time.

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