Anger is a natural emotion. It is how we react and express this anger that can become a problem. If anger is suppressed it may lead to negative expression, and other negative outcomes.

Everybody experiences anger as an emotion –it’s perfectly natural. However people experience and express anger in differently. The ways in which anger manifests itself varies, based particularly on the level of severity and intensity. These levels go all the way from mild frustration to consuming rage.

Anger itself takes a multitude of forms, which is where confusion can come from –an action that comes from a place of anger can be misattributed to many other emotions. This is particularly true in the case of more subtle but overt behaviours, such as ignoring others, low tolerance, becoming withdrawn or flatly refusing to interact. These actions are just as significant and can be just as upsetting as violent or explosive outbursts.

Excessive criticism, yelling and screaming, physically striking, throwing or breaking objects, and inflicting harm on others and the self are a range of actions and behaviours that can become more than occasional occurrences –and can reach unmanageable levels which becomes problematic. In this case, it’s essential to seek out professional counselling for low tolerance and anger management.

Our team of psychologists can help you understand your anger triggers, and give you the tools and techniques you’ll require to remain in control when triggering situations or thoughts arise. We can provide you with skills and techniques to help you to remain in control and manage, even when experiencing problematic situations.