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Depression has a lot of awareness and although there is awareness on men and depression we often still see men not opening up emotionally about how they are feeling or what they are experiencing as they go through life, loss and different phases of their life.

Some men are reluctant to talk about feeling depressed because:

  • They feel being depressed is a sign of weakness
  • They believe they have to be able to control their emotions.
  • That they shouldn’t ask for help.
  • They may have been raised to not cry and show emotion.

Symptoms of depression in men are much the same for the rest of the population; loss of appetite, loss of libido, insomnia and withdrawing however these symptoms usually don’t show until the depression is so severe that it impacts the daily living of the sufferer as well as family, friends, relationships or work.

Early intervention is KEY to helping yourself or your loved one in recovery from their depression we encourage you to contact us on 1300 659 067

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