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Alyse is an empathetic individual that loves engaging with diverse group of clients. She values mental health and well-being equally as important as physical health. She engages in personal self-care and reflective practice in order to sustain a high level of practice. Alyse has a holistic approach to therapy and aims to provide clients with deepened understanding and tools necessary to support optimal functioning. 

Alyse is currently a provisional psychologist working towards full registration. Her interests in practice include working with depression, anxiety, trauma, work related issues and behavioural issues. The aim of therapy will be based on providing clients with ways to accept, process and understand their own emotions and thoughts. 


Alyse utilises a variety of techniques, these will be unique to the presentation of individual clients. Prevention and intervention plans are constructed on mutually agreed sessions goals between practitioner and client. Evidence-based techniques will include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness processing and relaxation techniques. 


Bachelor of Science, Psychology Major

Graduate Diploma Psychology Advances

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