• Photo of Lisa Taher
    Lisa Taher
    Lisa enjoys supporting women to access the excellent counselling services they need no matter what their circumstances or their cultural background is. Lisa is not only trained to use the main stream psychological theories as well as the latest type of Psychology in Europe and America; Process Work Psychology and Psychotherapy, but she has had so many other jobs and has lived in many different places in the world which made her realise that every women is special in her own way. Lisa understands and appreciates the difference in womens backgrounds and perspective of their own issues and tries to support them accordingly. Lisa can conduct the sessions in Arabic when needed as well.

    With Lisa, you will go through a healing, self-discovery, adjustment, and empowering journey. During this life-changing journey, you will get to know yourself more, realize your special potentials and abilities. You will learn a few new skills that will help you, not only deal with what you are facing now, but also with whatever you will face in the future be that emotional, mental or lifestyle issues.

    Lisa specialises in Domestic violence issues, Relationship and marital Problems, dysfunctional relationships, conflict resolution. in addition to all this, Lisa offers Support during personal crisis periods including but not limited to divorce, loss & grief, financial problems, abortion and natural disasters..etc.

    Lisa has studied Literature as well as Psychology. through the studying of Literature, Lisa has developed a better understanding of human nature, connecting and communication. Through the study of the latest types of Psychology as well the main stream theories, Lisa learned to use the following modalities, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Goal-Oriented Therapy Motivational Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy​, Process Work Psychotherapy, Social Skills Training.

    Lisa puts all this together for the use and benefit of the women who will let her share with them part of their life special journey and be part of her journey too.