• Photo of Krish Kumar
    Krish Kumar
    Provisional Psychologist
    Krish is currently a Provisional Psychologist and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Working in the disability sector for the past 12 years, Krish have developed a passion for assisting individuals with complex behaviours and challenges in achieving their milestone goals.

    Krish’s career started in the Disability Employment space and has had exposure of working with clients who are have had physical and mental health challenges in achieving employment and personal goals. Krish has worked closely in the NDIS space and has assisted clients in developing plans to maintain and sustain outcomes. The NDIS space has allowed Krish to work with participants who have a range of challenges including Autism, intellectual disabilities and anxiety related disorders.

    Krish’s biggest strength is looking at holistic solutions for his clients and often references the Biopsychosocial model to incorporate therapeutic treatment strategies. Krish is also passionate about building cultural awareness towards mental health and normalising the stigma around psychological wellbeing.